Friday Youth @ STG

Friday Youth is an accepting safe place for young people aged between 10 and 16 to come and spend Friday evenings in term time.

We watch films, play sports, pool, table tennis, Wii games, bingo and make all sorts of things, including a lot of noise!

If you are Yr 5 to Yr 8 come at 7:30 until 9pm

Yr 9+ stay an extra hour for ‘lates’ until 10pm and choose your own activities.

Cost £2.00 which includes tuck and an extra 50p for ‘lates’.

Sunday Club at STG


From Pre-school to Young Teens

Sunday Club is a fun way for children and young people to learn about Jesus and The Bible.

The younger one play games, build dens, dress up, sing and dance, bake and so much more, whilst the older ones add discussion, debate and mutual support to the list!

All the time we are realising that the teachings of The Bible are relevant to 21st Century Christians in so many fun and exciting ways.